Sweeten your wedding with this advices!

I know so many couples that  DEFINITELY want  a candy bar in their wedding colors for their wedding.

Every one loves chocolates, candies , sweets…What would be a better way to surprise their guests?

A candy bar it’s something that will NEVER fails at weddings today.


I’m sure you want to do something kind of unique that the guests will love, but you’re afraid this isn’t as exciting of an idea as it used to be but I would say  for most people it is an unexpected bonus! and also, is a lovely way to say thank you to your guests.

We know the importance to make your guests go “wow” and have an unforgettable moment at your wedding. That’s why  we bring to you some tips and advices for  making your candy bar the most amazing and sweetest decor for your big day!

Make your selection of candy assortment.

Sit down with a notebook and your partner to decide together what types of candies you’d like to have at your wedding reception.

You’ll both have favorites, so take each other’s preferences into account when planning. Choices can be based on the wedding couple’s favorites, or guests’ favorites. For example, who doesn’t love chocolates? Be sure to do the planning of the candy buffet in conjunction with the food planning, reception layout and color choices.

 Consider your environment. Remember to choose your candy wisely, think about the location and weather at your candy buffet. Will the day be hot? If you are having an outdoor candy buffet then consider buying individually wrapped candies that won’t stick together and hard candies that won’t melt, rather than soft gummies.
Watch out from surprise guests.  Keep these little  friends away of your candy buffet!
Ask to your venue staff or a close friend to have somebody to work candy bar before coaties or  two wings little friends attack all your sweets! Believe me. It will definitely stops this problem or you will end up having an empty one…for misterious reasons.



Avoid greedy guests. I know your candy bar will be acting as your wedding favors and want everyone to have some.  But sometimes people get greedy when it’s a candy free for all!

A good tips is to set the bags/containers at each guest’s place setting, rather than in a stack at the candy bar. That way, people can only have the option to fill one bag.


Candy Bars are a fun, festive and tasty way to create an eye catching display for your wedding.  Not many people will tell you how to avoid some factors for a candy bar at destination wedding venues, but if you keep in mind these tips and advices, I’m sure you’ll create the most stunning, successful and of course sweetest decor!


The important point it’s your candy buffet should look  beautiful , delicious  and add elegance and fun to your wedding.


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