Avoid bad experiences with flowers!

Priscilla was so  excited! She was planning every detail for her summer wedding in Riviera Maya. Finally her dream was coming true.

She was looking for a florist at least 1 year before her wedding. And there was a particular company she really felt connected. At the beginning there was a lot of email exchanges, it seemed to go everything perfect…They gave her the idea of how the arrangements would look like, types of flowers, exact colors..She always dreamed about having her wedding full of white peonies with no green leafs at all!
During the spring, Priscilla called them because she was thinking about adding some peonies on a different color. The company said there was no problem, and started writing things down again and gave her a higher price .

Finally, time passed and Priscilla’s wedding was at the next corner so she e mailed her florist about 3 weeks before her wedding day.
Let me tell you what happened there…

The flower shop told her they were out of season, therefore she should choose something else!
She was so angry and sad! Everything was different from what they were talking before…they didn’t tell her Until the last minute.


I know your wedding should be memorable and your choice of flowers or arrangements should reflect your specific taste and personality. Most of all, your flowers should create a theme to make your wedding day special and provide the finishing touch to this VERY SPECIAL DAY.



Luckly Priscilla , found me on the web and she wrote me a sceptical e mail…from my experience I immediately knew she already talked with other florists, so I replied straight forward, ” the other florist should told you from the very first e mail peonies were not on season, So at this point  I can send you a list of available items to choose from” within a week every was ready and Priscilla had the most beautiful flowers available in such a short notice.

Choosing a destination wedding not only involves different experiences but also other factors when you start to plan about your flower decor and since you are planning at a distance, just keep in mind important points on how to choose the right vendor for you.

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What I mean   with this?

Before you set your heart on those pink peonies  for your summer destination wedding, keep one thing in mind: your budget And season. When you start incorporating out-of-season blooms, which often have to be flown in from another country, the price will be higher Or you would not get them at all.

Availabilty. There is always a risk of limited availabilty color, quantity or quality.

How to avoid this risks?

Research is the key. Ask your destination wedding local florist which blooms are in season or locally available during the time of your wedding to cut down on costs.

floral terrariums

Decor by Weddingcancun by Latinasia

If you still want to have for your wedding an out of season flower in specific, a professional florists always let you know about flowers availability and help you with more options to enrich your wedding flower decor.


View More: http://christinecphoto.pass.us/mattanderinnFlowers by wedding cancun by Latin Asia, Christine Ciszczon Photography


By giving the flowers for your wedding a little thought , you will be surprised at  the impact they will make on your big day!!


drop us an email to get all details of flowers in Cancun and Riviera Maya! Latinasia.flowers@gmail.com





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