Your vows ready for a taylor made ceremony?

Your ceremony is the heart and most awaited moment of your destination wedding experiece. Yet, many couples are uncertain about how to choose a minister.  Are you in the same situation?

It may be a little intimidating when we think about talking with the person who will be saying some of the most important words you will  hear in your big day.

So that’s why we present only the best choices for an amazing destination wedding  experience in Cancun or Riviera Maya.



Gino Hidalgo, a licensed Wedding Minister, immediately kept my attention from the very first ceremony I saw him conducting. So rather  than describing myself what he does, I prefered to make a short interview to Gino, so you can read his own words:

  •  Tell us about your story, how did you became a minister, what did inspire you?

“Well. There was a time in my life when I had it all, success, travel,  money, you name it.  However through my bad decisions and addictions I blew it all away. But one day God came into my life and spoke softly in my ear. So every day I give thanks to him for helping me. And through my labour of Love, I honor Him”.

  • What makes you different from other ministers?

“I would say that, as every other human being I like to eat three square meals a day :), so even though you might think it is a job,  for me, it is a calling.  A labour of Love.  And I do not mind getting paid for it”.

  • Is there a particular suggestion you give to all your brides and grooms?

“Enjoy your special day, look at each other and remember this moment, put yourselves in each others hearts forever, because forever is about to happen”.

  • We know all couples are special for you, but is there one you remember the most?

“There was this couple i married at Moon Palace several years ago. That day Iwas inspired, I gave my 110 percent. And as I was leaving, the brother od the bride came running to me and shook my hand and said…”Thsnk you,,,you know God spoke through you today..I heard you and I heard him speaking” and he hugged me. When things like that happen, when couples, Moms, Dads, shake my hand, hug me and thank me. That is my best reward”.

  • From your point of view, what is the biggest challenge destination wedding couples face when they plan their wedding?

“The difference in culture and the language barrier. I went to school in the USA, lived there. The culture of service is very different. Folks expect quick answers, same day emails responses, many times the response are slower”.


“Love All, Serve All…” as a slogan, Gino creates joyful, memorable, unique ceremonies that help you celebrate your love the way you want. With more than 13 years experience, he welcomes your ideas, and guides you  during your wedding ceremony. That way, you can relax and enjoy your wedding!



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