If I were the bride…

This month my husband Masato and I are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary and as wedding industry professionals for over 8 years and assisting over 200 weddings and events every year, we wake up every morning thinking “if I were the bride” what would we LOVE to do and what we would want to avoid…

If I were the bride

·         I would get bored to choose from millions of options in huge and disorganized catalog.

·         I would get angry when vendors show me only a single option to choose from.

·         I wouldn’t even bother to listen what vendors have in their inventory. An endless list of items that probably won´t need for my concept and style.

·         I would be frustrated for the late responses.

·         And after all that waiting I would be disappointed to see the poor follow up to my expectations.

 stressed bride

 If I were the bride

·         I would love to be listened first of all.

·         I would love to have someone that identifies my concept and style through my words and inspiration photos.

·         I would love to see a catalog with consistent amount of photos selected per color and style.

·         I would love to hear local availabilities to get the best for what I envision.

·         I would love to have a lightning fast response and a stunning follow up.

·         I would be so confident to entrust my vision to someone that will help me put all elements together to create a one of a kind experience.

·         I would feel satisfied to have an outstanding customer service because I know I am paying for that.

·         I would be confident to rely on knowledge, experience and expertise.


 I care about you and your need for planning your destination wedding. I know how hard it could be facing the entire planning process at a distance, that is why I came across this to ease you the process. 

what’s most important to YOU? What would you love/hate the most?

Cheers, Saku

Saku . Master Florist [international license: 3019903]
“I love helping couples create the wedding of their dreams here in Cancun and Riviera Maya. From simple beachside ceremonies to elegant and elaborate receptions, I’m here to help you enjoy planning your perfect wedding”.

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