Yes, you can have a destination wedding in Riviera Maya!

We are all familiar with the broken glass wedding tradition, where usually the groom breaks the glass, and the wedding’s ‘cocktail hour’ begins. Therefore, most of what we recognize as Jewish wedding are a variety of customs and traditions that are steeped in history.

Now the question is: it is hard to plan a Jewish destination wedding? Well, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, destination Jewish or interfaith weddings can offer fabulous, unique, never-to-forget experience for your dream wedding.

Here are some modern Jewish traditions you can customize and incorporate to your big day!

1.- Kabbalt Panim

It’s a fact every bride wants to be Queen on her wedding day. But did you know, that concept is Jewish? It’s called  Kabbalt Panim and consists on friends and family of the bride come and greet her as she sits upon a throne-like chair.

Modern tradition is prepare a pre-wedding celebration and invite all bridesmaids to manicure and pedicure sessions , for example.

2.-  Breaking the Glass Together


This final ritual in the Jewish wedding ceremony is probably the best known. Nowadays, some couples share this act with the bride and groom breaking the glass together




3.- Hakafot

The tradition consists of the bride circling her groom seven times as she enters the chuppah. Moderns Jewish weddings, the bride and groom circle one another.








4.- Ring exchange ceremony

Tradition says the groom places the wedding ring on the bride’s right index finger, although in modern tradition many often choose to place the rings on each others left ring finger.







5.-  Personalizing the Chuppah

There are no legal requirements for the chuppah specifying the dimensions, shape, or ornamentation. It can be decorated or simple. But most importantly, it must represent who you both are.



Designing a chuppah with your fiancé is a special way for you both to create something symbolic and beautiful together.



Make your chuppah wedding unique. Do you need some more ideas? Send us an email!


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