True story… Are you ready for last minute changes?

The weather was incredible the day of rehearsal dinner. Just one day  left for Katie & Jame’s Wedding.


A beautiful sunny day and bright sky with gorgeous ocean view as the witness of their most important moment… it seems it will be perfect for their big day!

But on the morning of the next day, something happened: cloudy skies and a strong prediction of thunderstorms and rain… a big surprise because even the weather forecast did not said a word about it.

Vendors and hotel staff  spoke with Katie and James to set up a plan B, but they did not want it.  So no matter what everybody went on follow the original plan for setting up ceremony, chairs, flower decor, personal flowers, lighting, chapel decor and reception dinner.  Every detail was ready but the closer it got to 5 o’clock and the ceremony was about to begin… the worse it looked.


Half an hour before ceremony, rain began. Hotel staff encourage  to bride’s family for a plan B but they wanted to keep all ceremony and reception outdoors. They though it was OK to wait a little bit longer until rain  stops. Bad decision…rain didn’t seem to stop at least for about 2 or more hours, and that’s what happened.

A tent wasn’t enough for a really heavy storm and while bride & groom’s family was deciding what to do, all guests got soaked.

At the end, ceremony was moved, reception decor, tables and chairs were moved into an indoor location and let’s no talk about the timeline…everything took longer than expected. In a way it was an unforgettable day.

What will happen if you don’t have a realistic idea for your wedding day? What  to do if it rains?

bridal rain boots

Photo by Greg Gibson

This doesn’t mean you should worry all the time about it, but if you have an alternative plan in case of rain, then there will be no need to think about weather again!

19photo by gaia

Definitely a Plan B will save your day, so don’t worry if all doesn’t go according to the main plan. The important part is to be flexible, have a back up plan and most of all , enjoy your day no matter what!




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