Touching story: love & gratitude to those who passed away

Every couple is special and unique for us. All have a story and Tata & Lamont made a one of a kind very meningfull story. I want to share with you a special and memorable moment of their wedding…



When we were at last refining all wedding details and talking about personal flowers, Tata already had chosen every little detail for her destination wedding, but suddenly, she asked me for something special. I got curious because everything seemed to be ready, so I asked why. After her answer, the meaning behind it, made me realize that it was more than just a bouquet…it was something that no other bride had asked me to do before.

Tata lost her mother not long ago and told me she wanted to do something special and meaningful to honor her, but haven’t been able to decide the best way to accomplish it. That’s why she asked me for help. It can be a bit difficult to balance the desire to remember a loved one that has passed away, while you are celebrating a one of a kind moment like your wedding. So I kept thinking about a way for Tata to honor her mother during this day…I asked Tata what was her mother’s favorite color, and she answered RED…

I wanted to give her something really special, meaningful, then I remenbered what my dad told me once “when I am gone, don’t put me in a grave, throw my ashes in to the ocean so I will be free to go wherever I want and every time you look at the ocean we will meet again”… So I did it. I cried a lot when he passed away, but it was true, every time I am at the ocean, I feel so calmed, so peaceful and I get to meet him again. Probably this is one of the reasons why I moved to Cancun.



Then I decided to give a red roses bouquet to Tata. I asked her a little photo of her mother so I could put it on the bouquet holder and asked her to have a moment  just her and Lamont alone after the ceremony, so they could go to the sea and throw her mother’s bouquet so she will meet her every time she will be at the ocean.






Tata told me later on, that she read my email when she was at the parking lot of a shopping mall, she read it and stop walking, started to cry because she never thought a vendor could possibly care about her mother. But I did.

So, the wedding day came, and my husband Masato and I went personally to set up all, hoping to see her, but unfortunately the hotel did not let us handle flowers directly to her.
So after ceremony finished, Tata & Lamont
 took a moment alone and decided to honor Tata’s mother, Lamont walked with Tata along the shore and then he sat down on the sand smilling and looking at her intesely, he let her do it all by herself, I was really touched by Lamont’s sweetness.
Tata grabed her mothers bouquet, talked to her, kissed her photo  and magic went to the sea.  The photographer knew something really special was happening so he took photos from a distance.
And of course after that, the wedding reception was such an incredible experience.
Over 3 years have passed and finally we got the chance to meet Tata and Lamont when they came to Cancun to celebrate their wedding annyversary. We hugged, talked and laughted all together, but the moment we talked about her mother’s bouquet we all had little tears in our eyes, but guess what…those were tears of happiness! Every time I see a photo of Tata at the seaside I see calm and happiness through her eyes.
  I will always be grateful to Tata and Lamont for letting us be part of one of their most memorable experiences in their lifes!
  After all even if we met as client/vendor,  we are human beings, so we just listened to her soul, felt her heart and as a result of that we created an unforgettable momment for Tata and Lamont.
  And you, what would you really want for your wedding?


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