Don’t let hidden costs take you by surprise!

We all know weddings are expensive but still, no matter how prepared you are to spend whatever it takes for you to have an awesome wedding day, it may be difficult to prepare yourself for the not so obvious costs that come with a wedding.

That’s why we will tell you about a few unexpected expensesto keep an eye out for and be prepare to say “I do.

Forgotten or lost items
This situation can affect even the best of us , and if you’re getting ready for a destination wedding, it’s far too easy to forget something and need a last-minute replacement.

How to avoid? Start your packing list at least a week before your wedding, and have a trusted loved one look it over as well , this way to make sure you’re not forgetting anything important.



Some venues require you to use photographers or florists from their preferred vendor list  and tack on a fee if you don’t.

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Photo by Vincent Guihard, LUCIDUM photography

Lighting extras

Actually, lighting isn’t just an extra. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, it’s a requirement. Consider hanging  twinkle lights,  paper lanterns, chandeliers or lanterns to create the perfect rustic-chic, intimate space.

Add a canopy of #lights over the #cocktail area and you'll instantly fill the area with #romance ! What would you like to use for your own wedding? Send us an email or visit www.weddingcancun,mx for more ideas!

Non floral decor
The majority of your decor budget will be allocated to flowers, but think about non-floral elements like candles, vases, votives, escort cards… These are all important details that can drastically change your budget if you have not accounted for them.


Photos by Latin Asia

A Backup Plan
You know that if you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you should have a plan B  in case of rain. For example, what will happen if you need to add at the last-minute a wooden aisle runner for ceremony to the cost ?

Overtime Costs
Whether your wedding runs over the time because you got a late start or because you choose in the heat of the moment to extend it, keep in mind that you’ll have to pay for any time outside of the contracted time.

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As you can see, even a budget wedding can get out of hand due to costs you didn’t anticipate. If you are prepared for the unexpected ahead of time, you won’t be left scrambling to come up with extra cash at the last minute.

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