Don´t regret…sometimes is too late.

As a bridal industry professional for over 7 years, I know the very first thing you should let your brides know, is the fact you are a truly professional on what you do, regardless of whatever question they asked you.

This morning, I woke up to get ready for a wedding, and as usual I checked my e mails. There was an email from one of my very good photographer friends and had this amazing message:

“Once a bride wrote me:

“You must be out of your mind for trying to charge me over $$$ for my Wedding photos…          my cousin is professional and she will charge me only $…..”

Once the wedding was over my friend got this message:

Bride: “how much would you charge me for fixing my cousin’s professional photos???”

Guess what my friend had to reply:

“Too late, there is no way we can fix this…”




I was so sad to read this because I want all brides to be happy no matter what during their wedding day, so I decided to share it with all who I know, because all decisions for your destination wedding could be done flawlessly if you focus on having the best for your best day in your life.

Hire and amateur

and you will see

why professionals are so good

Don’t take the wrong decisions so that later you will regret, look for quality not bargains, there are so many great professionals in town, it is just about to find the right one for you.

Fixing is way more painful than preventing

Have you or someone you know had any bad experience like this ? or are you about to make a decision but you are not sure? Just drop me an e mail and I will be more than happy to tell you the good, the fabulous and of course the horrible things around here!!!



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